Are my payments secure?

Yes! We are committed to safeguarding and keeping your personal information just that, personal. We maintain your privacy and use a secure checkout process in order to keep you safe. All of our transactions are conducted through our Shopify platform and are secure and insured. Your information is never stored and or seen by us.

What is Card Ego

Card Ego is a company formed to help the public achieve the status and excitement of receiving a metal credit card, without having to qualify for one. We are a technical company who can upgrade your existing plastic credit cards to custom heavy metal credit cards. We use a secure precise process to transfer overyour data from your existing card to a new metal card.

Is card Ego affiliated with my bank?

No! We are a third party privately owned and operated company that has no affiliation to any bank.  We are not issuing you a new line of credit, simply upgrading the look and feel of your plastic credit card.

How long does the process take?

We want to get your new card in your hands as quick as possible. We can have your card back to you in as little as 3 business days.

Is my card insured ?

No! We do not protect against lost or theft of your card. However, we do offer Card Insurance Policies. You can enroll for one small monthly fee to keep your custom metal card insured. We will replace your card at no cost to you, up to two times in one year. Find out more here: 



Where are card ego cards made?

Card Ego is proud to be working in the USA! All of your cards are made right here in the states in Rochester, New York. No outsourcing, no other companies involved.

Where do I verify my identity?

After the purchase of each custom metal credit card, you will need to verify your identity matching your credit card. This is a simple process to help secure your identity and reduce any fraud attempts. You can quickly and easily verify your identity by uploading a picture of your drivers license as well as your front/back of your credit card here: 


How does the process work?

Step 1: 

Card Ego makes the process of upgrading your status by upgrading your existing credit/debit card simple, safe, and secure. Find the card that fits your style best, or grab the best deal of 3 cards for the price of two. Because we are using your current credit/debit card information, if you purchase more than one card, you will need to send us the accompanying amount of cards, (if you purchase 3 cards, we will need 3 of your existing credit or debit cards). Once you checkout you will instantly receive a pre-paid postage stamp to print out at home. Place your card(s) in a letter size or manila envelope, attach postage, and drop your card in the mail. Our pre-paid postage is trackable so you can ensure you card makes it here quickly and safely.

STEP 2: 

You'll be happy to hear that we take it from here! Once we receive your existing credit/debit card, we begin our transfer process. This is a 24-hour turnaround process that has been tried and tested to ensure the validity and safety of your card remain intact. We are able to use a data transferring process to transfer the encrypted information so you will be able to swipe your new metal card as if it were your old credit card. Your credit card numbers, expiration, csv codes will all remain the same. We will also be removing your security chip from your current card and securing it into your new CARD EGO card. You will be happy to hear that unlike other companies, the chip transfer is a standard feature and will be done with every card. After all what good is your new card if it doesn't function correctly! After we have completed the transfer process, we will FedEX your new metal credit card to your door! Cards are usually delivered in the US within 2 business days.


Go out and impress! We guarantee you are going to love the way people look and treat you while using your metal credit card. As always remember to drop us a line to let us know how you like your new card, be sure to share where you take your card @card_ego. Last since we know you are going to want to tell your friends about your card, be sure to sign up for our rewards program! You can earn heavy discounts for both you and your friends for sharing your CARD EGO.